GSAN Maintenance Only Product

Gold Standard Automotive Network (GSAN) Launches Its New ‘Maintenance Only’ Vehicle Service Product to Receptive Automobile Dealership Markets

Within six weeks of its initial product launch, Gold Standard Automotive Network’s “Maintenance Only” vehicle service product, quickly has become the company’s most popular new product offering in its four-year history.

“Although the ‘maintenance only’ vehicle service contract has only been available since June 1st, we are thrilled by the positive feedback from our dealer network,” states Brent Timpson, CEO, “What dealerships are finding is that once they start offering this regular maintenance coverage to their favorite extended service contract, their close rates for warranty sales increase quite significantly.”

Timpson continues, “The simple fact is, the general public understands maintenance. They may or may not need the extended warranty, but there is zero doubt in anyone’s mind that every vehicle will need regular maintenance. Customers feel good knowing those incremental ongoing expenses will be covered.”

One dealer states, “It’s just so easy to add this maintenance program to our current full protection warranties, because it provides our customer twice as much maintenance as our manufacturer’s program, but it costs half as much. GSAN’s “Maintenance Only” product has successfully differentiated our business from our competitors in the marketplace.”

GSAN NEW Website Square

GSAN Launches New Website

Gold Standard Automotive Network Launches New WebsiteGold Standard Automotive Network (GSAN) announces the launch of its new website, built to accommodate the functional needs of the company’s rapidly expanding national dealer network.

“A complete overhaul of the website and its overall functionality was required,” stated Ryan Timpson, GSAN’s Chief Operating Officer, “These improvements have enabled us to mesh our operations seamlessly with a new administrative platform coming online this month. This will allow us to handle volume with added capacity for the demands of much larger dealer groups that have recently expanded our national network.”

“So far the feedback received from the dealer network has been outstanding,” continues Timpson, citing accolades from dealers such as Bryan Benishek of Summit Venture Group, one of the Gold Card’s largest national dealers.  Benishek adds, “Our people can now work in tandem with GSAN with the added flexibility of real time – something that wasn’t possible before now.”

The Gold Card Standard continues to innovate within its product line, and soon will roll out GAP insurance to its menu of offerings. Additionally, a “zero interest” version of the Gold Card is slated for introduction early second quarter 2015.

Tom Donat, a Southwestern agency for GSAN, weighs in on recent improvements stating, “As much as I like this new website, what I’m really excited about is offering the two new products we’ll be rolling out soon. Dealers have carried service contracts for the past 20 years, but this is the only program that couples regular maintenance and mechanical coverage for the consumer. The Gold Card product distinguishes my agency from the others – because I’m carrying a product that’s unlike anything else available today.”

Benishak adds, “GSAN is taking the time to listen to dealer feedback coming directly from their customers. That collaborative approach really enhances our ongoing business relationship with them. We’re proud to offer a product that makes customers happy. Ultimately, positive customer experiences reflect positively right back to the dealership.”

Gold Standard Automotive Network (GSAN) Announces Continued National Expansion for 2015

iStock_000058268772SmallFebruary 20, 2015 – Gold Card Automotive Network, provider of vehicle service contracts for the automotive industry, today reported the achievement of 2014 year-end growth milestones, including record sales, widespread adoption of its Gold Card product across the Continental U.S., and strong market momentum first quarter 2015.

2014 Highlights in Brief:

  • Achieved year-over-year revenue growth of 300%
  • Added 240 new dealers in 11 states
  • Rapid growth of dealer network and partner relationships with major national retailers Pep Boys, Big O Tire, and Auto Zone.

Revenue Growth

GSAN experienced robust revenue growth with year-over-year increase of 300% for 2014. Further, the company added a host of strategic

partnerships including industry leader Pep Boys, Big O Tire, Auto Zone, plus several others to be announced in early 2015.

“Our relationships with new agents and dealers has been an important component of our national expansion,” states Brent Timpson, company president, “The Gold Card product is the first product of its kind that provides coverage for regular service maintenance plus standard mechanical breakdown coverage for major vehicle repairs. The Gold Card helps dealers close more sales, and customers love the product because it eliminates many of the risks associated with the purchase of a used vehicle.”

Timpson continues, “Only 8-9% of major mechanical service contracts are ever used. The key to the Gold Card, is that the majority Gold Card holders actually use this product. Customers simply love it, and the dealers sell more vehicles because of it.”

GSAN is actively seeking to enlarge its network of national sales agents in fiscal year 2015 as it continues expanding into new markets. For information about becoming an agent, contact