Giving car buyers more peace of mind and value for their money.

Gold Standard Automotive Network (GSAN) is an innovative provider of vehicle service contracts based in Utah. GSAN was founded in 2006 by a group of auto industry veterans with the goal of giving vehicle buyers more for their hard-earned money. Although service contracts do provide customers with added peace of mind, we knew firsthand that only 10% of contract holders ever file a service claim due to a mechanical failure.

If you’re among those 10%, you’d be happy and relieved your expensive repairs are covered by a vehicle service contract. However, if you’re among the 90% who paid for a contract but never filed a claim, you’d feel like you paid for something you didn’t really need. To make everybody happy, we developed the Gold Standard Automotive Network and introduced the Gold Card.

Unlike all other vehicle service contracts available on the market today, the Gold Card is the only one that provides coverage for regular vehicle maintenance in addition to mechanical  breakdown protection in the event of a mechanical failure. What’s more, there’s a Gold Card plan available for every vehicle, regardless of its make, model, mileage or age.

Gold Card holders enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a zero deductible mechanical breakdown, plus the convenience of vehicle maintenance for routine services such as oil changes, tire rotation and alignment plus replacement parts like brake pads, wiper blades, battery and much more. Your Gold Standard Program is insured by a billion dollar AM Best “A rated” carrier.

For routine maintenance, Gold Card holders can bring their vehicles to any service shop or tire retailer across the nation.   For mechanical service, an ASE certified shop is required.

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