Gold Standard Automotive Network Includes Pep Boys in Rapidly Growing Network of Maintenance Service Providers

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) October 06, 2014

Gold Standard Automotive Inc. (GSAN) proudly announced it has added Pep Boys to its rapidly expanding roster of service providers. The relationship further accelerates the company’s 2014 growth trajectory, as it introduces a unique automotive product that includes comprehensive vehicle maintenance for new and used cars purchased through its ever-growing dealer network.

“GSAN is a perfect fit for our company and they have been very easy for us to work with,” states Richard Skarda,Western States Manager for Pep Boys. He adds, “Our stores will serve GSAN cardholders in 35 States. We are pleased to support a product that provides such valuable maintenance service coverage to our retail customers.”

“Whether the provider is a large national or smaller regional chain, every service provider in our network enjoys the increased business and customer loyalty that the Gold Card service contract offers,” states Brent Timpson, President of GSAN, “We’ve developed a unique product that not only covers major drivetrain and electrical components, but also covers the customer’s regular maintenance needs such as oil changes, brake pads, wiper blades, etc. Our Gold Card members tend to become exceptionally loyal customers.”

Timpson adds that GSAN will continue to expand its national network of authorized dealers this year, expecting the Gold Card will be available in every state by late 2015.

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